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A Skagit County Hike.


The PNT utilizes the Trestle and part of the Tommy Thompson Trail in Anacortes.

Data: This is a level Rails-to-Trails hike on the old Burlington Northern line and the Tommy Thompson Railroad in Anacortes. It is open to walkers, bike riders, inline skaters, and the trestle is open to fishing. The trail surface is asphalt. The south-eastern trailhead is at March Point Road on March Point. The northern-most trailhead is at Q Avenue and 11th Street near the Port but one can access the Trail at many locations. The main feature of this trail is the portion that goes over Fidalgo Bay on the old trestle that opened to the public in November of 2005. The one-way distance from Q Avenue and 11th Street to the end of the Trestle at March Point Road is 3.2 miles. The trestle is almost 0.5 mile long. SWITMO rates this hike as easy.

Driving Instructions:

Drive to Anacortes. The northern-most trail head is at Q Avenue and 11th Street. One can also begin off R Avenue just north of 22nd Street. One can also begin at the Fidalgo Bay resort RV park off Weaverling Road.

Hike Instructions:

  • No special instructions are needed. Simply begin walking and enjoy the views and insight into the activities of Anacortes.

Source: USGS

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