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A Skagit County Hike.


The PNT utilizes the Padilla Bay Shore Trail south of Bay View.

Data: This is a level hike on a dike along the shore of Padilla Bay. The area is managed by the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. The round-trip distance is 4.8 miles. SWITMO rates this hike as easy.

Driving Instructions:

Drive to Bay View. Just north of the Bay View-Edison Road on Second Street on the west side of the street is a large parking lot at the Skagit County Historical Society area. There is a toilet facility in the parking lot.

Hike Description:

  • Walk down Second Street to the Bay View-Edison Road and turn left onto Bay-View Edison Road.

  • Walk a short distance easterly on the Bay-View Edison Road to the obvious trailhead which will be on the right.

  • The hiker will see estuary-type plants and formations, many types of birds including herons and eagles, and, depending on the weather, views of the San Juan Islands, Cascade Mountains, oil refineries at March Point, and even mountains in lower mainland British Columbia.

  • At the southern trailhead the hikers turns around and reverses the walk.

Source: USGS

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