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This hike is in Island County. It utilizes that portion of the PNT (Pacific Northwest National Scenice Trail) that travels around Hoypus Point. 2.3 miles of the PNT are on Hoypus Point. The number of miles of trail the hiker walks depends on the route the hiker takes back to his/her car. See below.

NOTE: It is recommended that the hiker purchase a map of Deception Pass State Park. This map shows all of the trails and is easy to read. Maps can be purchased at the Park Office, 41020 State Route 20. The Park office is located on the Whidbey Island side of Deception Pass Bridge. It is on the east side of SR 20 several blocks north of the stop light at the intersection of the Cornet Bay and Cranberry Lake Park entrance roads.

DOUBLE NOTE: Big Fallen Tree at Hoypus PointThere is a maze of trails that the hiker can choose on Hoypus Point. This hike is written assuming that the hiker has the latest copy of the Deception Pass State Park map that shows all of the trails on Hoypus so that the hiker can choose which trail(s) to take back to his or her car. However, you may find the GPS map sufficient.

Data: This hike uses current trails in Deception Pass State Park in the Hoypus Point area. There is lots of parking at Cornet Bay. A Washington State Discover Pass is required to park anywhere in the Park. SWITMO rates this as an easy to moderate hike. SWITMO helps maintain trails in Deception Pass State Park.

Driving Instructions:

Drive Highway 20 and, if coming from the north, cross onto Whidbey Island by way of the Deception Pass Bridge. About two miles south of the bridge is a stoplight at the intersection of the Cornet Bay Road and the Park entrance to Cranberry Lake. Turn at this intersection and drive to the parking area at Cornet Bay.

Hike Instructions:

  • Walk to the gate at the far end of the parking area and then walk around the gate.

  • At the first trail that goes off on the right, go uphill.

  • At the first intersection, stay left and hike the CCC Trail to the East Hoypus Point Trail.

  • Turn right onto the East Hoypus Point Trail and hike to its intersection with the Fireside trail, 1.1 mile away. At this intersection turn left, continuing on the East Hoypus Point Trail; do not go uphill at this time on the Fireside Trail. A ways down the East Hoypus Point Trail, take the trail to the left. This is the PNT Trail that will take the hiker downhill to the Park boundary at Anglers Haven Drive. There is a PNT sign near Anglers Haven Drive. The hiker is 2.3 miles away from Cornet Bay at this point.

  • An interesting side trip is to walk the county roads down to Ala Spit. If the tide is low, one can walk out to the end of this spit. To do this, turn RIGHT onto Anglers Haven Drive and walk a short distance to its intersection with Troxell Road. Turn LEFT onto Troxell Road and walk down to Ala Spit.

  • Once the hiker has reached the Park boundary at Anglers Haven Drive, the hiker must return uphill on the PNT to the intersection with the East Hoypus Point Trail. This is where the new map is needed---the hiker must ask him/herself what route(s) to take back to the car at Cornet Bay.

GPS data is available for this hike.

Source: USGS

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