Ebey's BluffEbey's BluffEbey's Bluff



This hike is in Island County.

This 3.6 mile loop hike with a side trail option to a historic cemetery utalizes that portion of the PNT (Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail) that goes along the beach if the tide is low or on the bluff if the tide is high on the west side of Whidbey Island.

Data: A Washington State Discover Pass is required to park at the small parking lot at the trailhead. SWITMO rates this as an easy to moderate hike.

Driving Instructions: Drive WA State Highway 20 to the Coupeville area. About 0.8 mile north of the pedestrian overpass and stop light, turn WEST onto Sherman Road. Sherman Road will curve to the left at the entrance to the historic Sunnyside Cemetery and will become Cook Road. Where Cook Road ends, turn right, west, onto Ebey Road. Follow Ebey Road to the parking lot at the beach and the Ebey Landing trailhead.

Hike Instructions:

  • Begin the hike by climbing a short section of steps which will bring you out onto the edge of Ebey Prarie.

  • The trail slowly rises to an intersection with a trail that goes off to the right. One mile down this trail across the meadows the hiker comes to the historic Sunnyside Cemetery where a number of pioneers are buried, including members of the Ebey family. Out to and back from the Cemetery adds 2.0 miles to the hike.

  • To continue on the bluff trail, go north at the intersection. The trail rises and falls gently as it traverses near the edge of the bluff. The lagoon one sees below the bluff is Perego’s Lagoon.

  • About 2 miles from the trailhead the trail descends from the bluff to the beach. Do not go steeply down the old, slippery trail to the beach but rather take the long switchbacks down to the beach. There are two long switchbacks—one to the north and one to the south.

  • Once down on the beach, the hiker can return by way of the beach to the car. Distance of the hike is 3.6 miles; 5.6 miles if one hikes to the Cemetery and back.

Source: USGS

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