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A Skagit County hike


The Pacific Northwest Trail, PNT, crosses Anderson Mountain north of Sedro-Woolley from Highway 9 to the Alger CCC Road, a distance of 14.6 miles. Both of the trailheads are gated and the hiker must hike up logging roads to reach the trail sections. The hike across Anderson Mountain will be presented as two hikes, one beginning and ending on Highway 9 and one beginning and ending on the Alger CCC Road.

Data: This 13.4-mile hike which includes a 3.0 mile loop around the top of Anderson Mountain is on private timber company land and on WA State lands managed by the WA Department of Natural Resources, DNR. Please respect the rights of the private timber companies as well of those of State land. The forest on Anderson Mountain is a working forest and from time to time logging operations occur. To check out logging operations on Anderson Mountain, call the DNR office in Sedro-Woolley, 360-856-3500. Because of the distance and elevation gain, SWITMO rates this hike as moderate to strenuous. SWITMO maintains the PNT on Anderson Mountain.

Driving Instructions: Drive north of Burlington either by I-5 or Old Highway 99. From I-5 take exit 240 and drive east to Alger. Old Highway 99 goes through Alger. Drive east from Alger on the Alger-Caine Lake Road to the Alger CCC Road, which will be on the right. Turn right and then make an immediate left. In a short distance come to a gated logging road on the right. Park off to the side so as not to block the gated road. If the gate is open, do not drive up the logging road as it could be locked at any time.

Hike Description:

The PNT over Anderson Mountain is blazed with white blazes in many areas. Use the blazes along with the map; know where you are on the map at all times.

  • Hike up the logging road, passing a gravel pit on the left and going right, up the hill.

  • At an intersection, go LEFT. There may be a PNT sign in a tree here. In a short distance go RIGHT on the trail that angles uphill through an area that was clear-cut about 15 years ago. This section of trail is known as the Art Reinhardt Trail. Not too far from the last switchback on this trail, look for a side trail on the left that goes to THE BIG LOG. This is very close to the trail and should be visible to the hiker. Its large stump is nearby. Count the rings on the big log??

  • Follow the Art Reinhardt Trail which will come out onto a logging landing road. Follow this logging road to a three-way intersection.

  • At this three-way intersection, go RIGHT and in a short distance go LEFT onto another old logging road. Not far down this logging road you will come to THE BIG STUMP with its spring board notches—you will know when you are there. The trail goes easterly near this big stump, crossing a puncheon bridge and additional puncheon and entering woods.

  • This section of trail is named the Jim Futrelle Trail. Follow the Jim Futrelle Trail uphill. It will cross a logging road and it continues just across this logging road.

  • Continue up this trail through woods and come out into a clear-cut. The next mile or so the trail is in the clear-cut, an area that was logged about 5 years ago. At this point you are not too far from the A-1000 Road on your right.

  • The trail through the clear-cut is called the Ken Rosencrantz Trail. This trail will come out on a fairly recent logging road. Go LEFT and this road will curve to the right. Look for a trail going RIGHT in this area.

  • Take this trail and continue easterly, climbing toward the tall tree line.

  • The trail enters the woods, soon crosses a puncheon bridge, and continues climbing until it comes out on the A-1000 Road farther up the hill.

  • Go LEFT and walk along the A-1000 Road about 1.4 miles at which point the hiker comes to a four-way intersection. The right road descends to Highway 9. Going straight ahead leads to the upper east side of Anderson—where the hiker will be later on in the hike. Go LEFT at this intersection, either on the old logging road itself or on a trail a little east of logging road in the trees. This old logging road goes through forest, mossy areas, and rocks to the Whatcom Overlook.

  • Along this route, about 1 mile up from the four-way intersection, a side trail goes off on the RIGHT. This side trail leads to higher elevations and views.

  • After returning to the main trail, continue hiking northerly to a large landing area know as the Whatcom Overlook. The is the end of the old logging road. If the trees have not grown too tall, you will see Lake Whatcom to the north.

  • When ready to leave the Whatcom Overlook, locate the trail on the east side of the area. The trail will descend practically immediately and follow the ridge down and northerly. At the northern-most point, the trail switchbacks to the south and comes out into an area that was selectively logged about four years ago.

  • Follow the trail, being sure to look for the white blazes, down to another logging road landing. Go RIGHT and follow this heavy-duty logging road in a southerly direction.

  • About 0.25 mile down this logging road, the hiker will come to a large equipment turn-around area by the side of a large culvert through which the Pain-in-the-Neck Creek flows. Just beyond this culvert you will see a trail on the LEFT. DO NOT TAKE THIS TRAIL AT THIS TIME. Here the PNT descends to the logging road system that takes the hiker down to Highway 9 on the east side of the Mountain. On this hike the hikers wants to return to the Alger CCC Road on the west side of the Mountain.

  • Continuing past the PNT that descends on the left, hike on the heavy-duty logging road which will come out at the four-way intersection described above.

  • Now the hiker hikes back down the A-1000 Road for 1.4 mile keeping a sharp eye out for the PNT Trail that goes into the woods on the RIGHT.

  • Take this trail which re-enters the clear cut, following the same route that the hiker took on the way up.

  • Below the clear-cut, re-enter the woods, re-cross a logging road and re-enter the Jim Futrelle Trail, coming out by the Big Stump.

  • At the Big Stump, turn LEFT. At the intersection turn RIGHT and then in a short distance turn LEFT and hike down to the top entrance to the Art Reinhardt Trail.

  • Follow the Art Reinhardt Trail down to the lower logging road. Turn LEFT and follow that logging road back to the car parked at the Alger CCC Road.

Source: USGS

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