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Rock Work at Blanchard Mountain

SWITMO paves the way for hikers. We do that by protecting, constructing, maintaining and promoting those sections of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail and other trails that are within Skagit, Whatcom, and Island Counties of Washington State

We have been in existence since May of 1999 when we incorporated as a nonprofit corporation with the State of Washington. As of 11/10/11 we became a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation under the IRS.

What we do:

We manage trail maintenance activities on the Pacific Northwest Scenic Trail (PNT) under the direction of the Pacific Northwest Trail Association (PNTA).

We manage, under this same direction, other trail maintenance activities on connector trails and other trails.

We work with the Pacific Northwest Trail Association to have input on the location of the PNT within these three counties.

We encourage cooperation between SWITMO and other trail groups.

We work with the PNTA to ensure that we follow common goals and that we have permission of the land managers.

We recruit new and younger members to become volunteers.

We raise funds to purchase tools, safety equipment, general administrative expenses, special events and other special needs.

As of this time SWITMO maintains the following sections of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail in:

A. Whatcom County:
     The Historic Swift Creek Trail, about 8 miles
     The South Fork of the Nooksack Trail, about 5 miles
B. Skagit County:
     The Lyman Hill Ridge Trail, about 1 mile
     The Anderson Mountain Trail, about 6 miles
     The Blanchard Mountain Trail, about 8 miles
C. Island County:
      Trails in Deception Pass State Park, about 5 miles

Trail Work: We have trail work parties the first and third Saturdays of each month from April through October.

Our current Board members are:

Doug Shepherd, President
Jerry Granahan, Vice President
Duane Melcher, Secretary
Joan Melcher, Treasurer
Marv Remillard, Member-at-Large
Claude Smith, Member-at-Large

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