Members' Milestones


One of our most faithful volunteers is Larry Lazzari. He turned 90 in August 2014. At the tail gate party after our trail work on Anderson Mountain on August 16th, we celebrated Larry and his 90th birthday with cupcakes, watermelon, and a candle ring of 9 candles; each candle represented a decade. Larry is still doing trail work and he continues to ride his bike twenty or so miles several times a week. Long Live Larry!

Larry Lazzari

In Memoriam

Ed Rogers

A longtime SWITMO and PNTA member, supporter and volunteer Ed Rogers passed away August 2016 at age 92. Ed was and his wife Nancy still is a life-time member of the Pacific Northwest Trail Association. Ed loved the outdoors and baseball; he loved hiking and trail work; he loved to tell stories and will be remembered for his phrase “Have I ever told you about....”. SWITMO received over $700 in Ed's honor.

Ed Rogers

Robert “Bob” Matchett 1942-2014

Bob of Guemes Island was a retired agronomist who enjoyed spending time in the rural outdoors. After retirement he and his wife Holiday moved to Guemes from California. In addition to bird watching, hiking, clamming, crabbing, kayaking, looking for agates, biking, helping others, noxious weed removal, breadmaking, beekeeping, planting and caring for his orchards and volunteering at the WSU-Mount Vernon Research Center in the Native Plant Garden and Experimental Orchards, he found time to be a trail work volunteer for SWITMO. His last trail work with us was in February of 2014 at Dugualla State Park on Whidbey Island. Bob’s widow Holiday has been so gracious to name SWITMO as one of the recipients of memorials in Bob’s honor. $1450 has been received. About half of this money is being used for the permitting process for a footlog bridge in Deception Pass State Park on the Pacific Northwest Trail. The permitting process in Island County is very slow. When the permit is granted, work will begin on this footlog. It will be called “The Bob Matchett Memorial Footlog”. Some of the money will be used for a brass plaque. The rest of the money will be used for tools and for a projector screen for SWITMO power point program presentations.

Bob Matchett

Steve Jennison

Steve Jennison died in July 2014 at age 56. Steve devoted 34 years to the Department of Natural Resources, where he became a strong and graceful leader who truly enjoyed his DNR family and loved his job fighting forest fires, laying out timber sales, and scuba diving for geoducks. Most of Steve's time was spent outdoors, hiking at Blanchard, climbing Mt Rainier, taking his family camping on long road trips to Utah and Colorado, mountain biking, relaxing in the hot springs, capturing pictures of all his adventures, discovering the best snorkel spots in Maui, but most of all he loved teaching his daughter Zoe how to snowboard and taking her camping overnight at Mt Baker so they could be the first ones up hitting the slopes.

SWITMO has helped build and still maintains a number of the trails on Blanchard Mountain where Steve loved to hike with his daughter. Because of his love for hiking, a number of memorials have come to us in his honor. $225 have been received.

Steve Jennison

Walter Davis

Walter was a lover of nature and of trails. When he was well, he loved to hike. He also did trail work with the Skagit Audubon Hikers Adopt-a-Trail project. $300 has been received in his honor.

Jim Futrelle

Jim Futrelle, who grew up in East Texas, was an avid outdoorsman who loved the Pacific Northwest. He worked as a forester in the Northwest woods. He was a member of the Skagit Audubon Hikers, SWITMO and the Pacific Northwest Trail Association. He loved to do trail work and he was our "trail-master" and was skilled at laying out the best location for a trail. Whenever one was out on the trail with Jim, it was a learning experience; he knew the trees and the history of the area. Jim passed away in August of 2010 at the age of 84.

Jim Futrelle

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